Candy shop nguyễn thị định

Randy Good, owner of Good’s Candy Shop, is shown in the ice cream side of his business while customers wait in line lớn be served in May.

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Randy Good, right, owner of Good"s Candy Shop, talks with customer Mike Shroyer while he waits for his ice cream Tuesday afternoon.



Lilly Jones helps customers at Good’s Candy Shop in Anderson in March 2021. Sales were “back up and doing more” than in 2019, according lớn owner Randy Good.

ANDERSON, Ind. – A local business owner said Tuesday that he never envisioned a Facebook post, in which he refers to lớn some female employees as “splitters” and other employees as “pukers,” becoming controversial.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the five-day-old post by Randy Good, owner of Good’s Candy siêu thị in Anderson, had been shared more than 14,000 times & had generated more than 46,000 comments, many criticizing the post and some calling it sexist & unprofessional.

“The post itself I thought was benign enough,” Good said Tuesday. “The life it took on was not necessarily what I said.

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“It doesn’t read like I hate anyone. I was very inclusive và explained those experiences the best I could. It’s amusing because everyone has experienced it. I thought everyone had this in common.”

Good’s follow-up Facebook post Tuesday did little to quell the uproar.

“I wish to begin with an apology,” he wrote. “As you may know, there have been things typed onto this page that is difficult lớn read. But not from me! I’m sorry for the language folks have placed in their comments. It’s just awful.

“To those of you in town, county state & even those I know, who’ve publicly attacked và slandered me … I don’t care,” he continued. “I can’t afford lớn allow you into my thoughts, as I am in yours. Your statements are insignificant, just as you are to me & the shop.”

One bình luận on the Tuesday thread called Good’s message “textbook narcissistic behavior.” Another said, “You’d have to lớn pay me more than $11 an hour. Not necessarily for the work but to have to lớn put up with someone that thinks that’s an apology.”

Good’s original post, inviting prospective workers lớn apply for full- và part-time positions as greeters, cake decorators & package assemblers, quickly turned to lớn the types of workers he would not hire.

“Splitting is a behavior of girls, young mostly but not always. Usually taught by their mothers,” reads the post in part. “This is the person who talks about others in an attempt khổng lồ split people apart and feel better about themselves.

“Boys seldom practice this,” he wrote later. “They just duke it out!”

In the same post, he referred khổng lồ “pukers” as those who “approach you daily, dump their stuff on you & then go about their business. All they want to vì is complain about their stuff to someone who will listen so they can feel normal. They walk away và each time you are left holding this bag of puke.”

Reaction to the initial Facebook post was swift và often pointed. One commenter wrote: “Thank you for warning every person who might have applied that you’re an awful business owner & saving people a lot of time.”

Another wrote: “Part of any interview I’ve ever been part of was my deciding if I wanted to lớn work for the interviewer. I personally wouldn’t work for you if you were paying $100 an hour.”

Good stressed Tuesday that his Thursday post was a generalization.

“I wasn’t speaking khổng lồ anyone in particular, nor was I speaking about anyone in particular,” he said. “In hindsight, I think we (could) all have better vision. I could see people perhaps not caring for it.”