Converse run star hike review & how to style!

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5 reasons to buy

The shoe uses Ortholite insoles that provide great comfort to lớn the feet, which several buyers like.Many reviewers say that the Converse VLTG Run Star Hike looks cool & stylish as it goes well with any outfit.One reviewer points out that the shoe looks good as it makes the user taller with its approximately 2 inches platform.

2 reasons not to lớn buy

While regarded as stylish by many, some still prefer the usual Converse minus the platform sole.One reviewer mentions that the shoe gets dirty easily.
The Converse VLTG Run Star Hike is a funky high-top sneaker that has the same recognizable outsole as any other Run Star Hike sneaker. From the original Converse-JW Anderson collaboration, this eye-catching elevated shoe gives a modern & futuristic vibe without sacrificing its comfort.


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Size & fit

The Converse VLTG Run Star Hike is available in both men"s & women"s sizing. A Converse sneaker would normally run big as stated from its website, so customers are advised to go a half khổng lồ an inch down in size. This modern rendition of the Chucks All Star high-top has a lace-up enclosure system that provides ankle protection and support and ensures an adjustable, secure fit. This kick is also built with OrthoLite insole cushioning that provides better comfort to the feet.

Converse VLTG Run Star Hike Style

The VLTG Run Star Hike is a high-top silhouette that gives a funky and futuristic look. The shoe upper is made from the classic Converse canvas seated on đứng đầu of the chunky midsole. Its midsole is approximately 2 inches thick, & there is a big embossed star on the heel. There are also jagged rubber pieces on the outsole, và it has crisp white laces to lớn finish the entire look of the shoe. This statement shoe comes in red & teal, two new colorways that give a VLTG vibe.

What"s interesting with the Run Star Hike is it"s more popular with men, according lớn many resalers. And as people mentioned, "the bigger you go, the higher the resale price." With the modern take on this classic silhouette, the VLTG Run Star Hike is effortless to lớn pair with different clothes from slim-fit jeans to baggy pants.

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Notable Features

What makes the VLTG Run Star Hike stand out from the rest of the Chucks All Star high-tops is the chunky sole with jagged rubber pieces attached underneath the shoe. The rubber pieces địa chỉ cửa hàng accents making the shoe edgy và funky looking. While it retains the classic Chucks canvas, they added OrthoLite cushioning khổng lồ provide better comfort.

Converse VLTG Run Star Hike History

The Converse Company started in 1908 by Marquis M. Converse in Maine Massachusettes, offering winter wear for men, women, & kids at that time. It was in 1917 when Converse introduced "Non-Skid," a basketball silhouette that changed its name khổng lồ "All-Star" after it first came out. The basketball player, namely Chuck Taylor, promoted the All-Star shoe, which later on became the "Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star" that we know today.

Chuck Taylor saw the potential of the shoe that he worked his way khổng lồ bring lớn its highspot in the shoe market. Because of Taylor"s success, Converse included his name to lớn the All-Star iconic ankle patch & officially called it Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star.

Since then, the Chuck All-Star Sneaker has met a lot of alterations & modifications from its design to lớn materials to lớn offer people a wide range of sneakers. Converse has also collaborated with different brands & designers khổng lồ fit everyone"s style & fashion.

Converse introduced the Run Star Hike in 2019. It was initially a collaboration between Converse & JW Anderson. And because of the silhouette"s popularity & success, Converse offers this model as part of its ongoing seasonal lineup. This shoe is reckoned as one of the most acclaimed Converse sneakers of 2019. It combined the past, present, và future khổng lồ give a modern take lớn the classic shoe