The kids" digital thẻ game Super long Ball Heroes launched its new set, Big Bang Mission 11, in nhật bản on Thursday, November 11th!!

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Big Bang Mission 11 is an aptly timed special expansion to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the long Ball Heroes series. In addition to 3 SEC cards & 11 UR cards, this phối is packed with special inclusions, such as 3 special chiến dịch cards, 2 anniversary SEC cards, and more!


Take a look at the 3 SEC cards in this set! First is Goku"s "Ki Fusion", which is a new power nguồn granted by the Supreme Kai of Time!Second, we have Gogeta: Xfastmeloxicam.como (Super Full power Saiyan 4 - Limit Break) fresh off his explosive appearance in the new episode of the promotional anime, featuring card art drawn by Tadayoshi Yamamuro! and finally to lớn round off this powerhouse lineup, we have Super Saiyan 3 Goku from the form"s debut scfastmeloxicam.come in the original series, recreated và cranked up to lớn the absolute max!


There"s also one special anniversary SEC to celebrate the 11th anniversary this year! The card above features a recreation of Akira Toriyama"s own illustration, but rumor has it that there"s also an extremely rare parallel design version out there too to lớn get your hands on!


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Being that it"s the 11th anniversary, this time there are 11 UR cards in the set"s lineup! From the New Space-Time War Arc we have Gogeta: BM and Fu: Youth, as well as a new character called Shroosa! For cards from the original series we"ve got "Prince of Destruction" Vegeta, Angel Halo Super Saiyan 2 Goku, & making his first appearance in Super rồng Ball Heroes, Kame School Uniform Goku!

There are also two blasts from the past for the 11th anniversary set: Trunks: và Vegeta from the first mix of dragon Ball Heroes, who are joining the lineup as memorial UR cards!

Keeping in with the theme of 11s, this set"s campaign cards include Universe 11"s Pride Troopers with a new TAA called "Gan Gan Impact" that"s inspired by their team combo attacks from the series!Harness the Pride Troopers" unbreakable synergy và unleash their flashy attacks one after another!

The greatest warriors from the long history of the Tfastmeloxicam.comkaichi Budokai are here lớn celebrate the release of the Tfastmeloxicam.comkaichi Budokai game mode!Each one of these martial masters also comes equipped with the powerful new ability, "Tfastmeloxicam.comkaichi Contfastmeloxicam.comder"!

To celebrate the 11th anniversary, a selection of warriors who made their explosive debuts across anniversary evfastmeloxicam.comts leading up to lớn now have brought together in one place! These historic warriors come in gold holofoil designs that shine and glimmer in all the colors of the rainbow!And of course, all members of this chiến dịch come equipped with the "Explosive Warriors Assemble" ability! & finally, Big Bang Mission 11 will also feature the "11th Anniversary Greatest Invincible Heroes thẻ Chance!!" evfastmeloxicam.comt! The prize for the evfastmeloxicam.comt is this set"s second special anniversary SEC thẻ that features art based on Akira Toriyama"s designs! Be sure to get down lớn your local trò chơi cfastmeloxicam.comter và try khổng lồ win one of these incredible cards!