Koi To Producer Evol X Love Ep 12

Wow, I didn’t expect things to end this way. Hades may have been defeated, but the story is not over. In fact you could say we only barely scratched the surface! It’s great Lucien had survived this, but holy shit Kiro, he’s storming into đen Swan higher ups and is determined to take charge of the organization. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GEEZ! OF COURSE MY đứng đầu TWO GUYS ARE BOTH black SWAN MEMBERS! WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN to lớn MY FAVOURITES?!?!! Berry’s right, it’s as though I am a magnet for this stuff!

We don’t know exactly what has happened khổng lồ the Kiro we have gotten to know and love. He never answered the Heroine when she asked, but it was apparent that he wasn’t the one she knew. However despite giving her the cold-shoulder and claiming he didn’t know her, it wasn’t as though he ignored her completely. Even though he was on his own mission, he didn’t leave her behind khổng lồ fend for herself. He also showed us he still cares about the Heroine’s safety (my heart fluttered when they held each other!), just as we saw last week when he was looking at the security cameras. Based on everything he said this episode, I’m guessing he’s pretending he doesn’t know her so he can focus on immersing himself in darkness.

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That being said, it does appear having been raised as lab rats by black Swan, just like Lucien, as one of their successful experiments, Kiro was groomed lớn serve as their agent and that’s why he was given the name: Helios. It does beg the question of when was he rescued by Key– that is if he really was rescued at all. Compared khổng lồ Lucien where we actually witnessed how he was captured, we have only been given a very limited amount of information about Kiro’s potential origins prior to lớn falling in black Swan’s custody (unless he was born there), và not enough about how he got out of it afterwards, especially since he has been actively trying khổng lồ stop them. It appears now that Hades has fallen, he intends lớn take control of the organization (there are still major higher ups besides Hades, as one should expect) & crush it from the inside as đen Swan’s Helios. He also wanted to khuyến mãi with Hades personally himself, but the Heroine beat him khổng lồ it. It makes me wonder what kind of history he has with him. Like Lucien, he is full of mysteries!!!!

Speaking of the devil, I was a bit surprised that we didn’t see any Ares’ side of Lucien today. I found that a bit bizarre considering he had warned her not to lớn get caught by him again– not that I am complaining. I am just happy khổng lồ that in the end, he didn’t betray her and he helped her out by watching her back, and even secretly put the cure to lớn Hades’ plot in the pen he had given her. In other words, he trusted that she would be able khổng lồ overcome this & defeat Hades.

(Random Note: I didn’t mention this earlier but it has been running through my mind – I really lượt thích the Greek Gods code names for each other. It’s pretty awesome. Helios really suits Kiro.)

As for Gavin, he has officially joined his father’s secret military team to lớn continue pursuing black Swan. (And damn does he look mighty FINE in that uniform!!!!) I am still iffy about his father considering the shit he said about him last week, but Gavin doesn’t seem khổng lồ care so as long as he is able khổng lồ use his powers khổng lồ help people. Whatever they did khổng lồ him, they absolutely made him exponentially stronger, as his trắng winds have turned black. It was a bit weird lớn see him be so serious around the Heroine when he came aboard the ship, but considering the situation, it makes sense since it was not the time for a happy reunion.

Meanwhile, out of everyone today, Victor had the easiest time. That training camp has made him super OP, và navigating the ship & having so much control over space & time just make it lượt thích a walk in the park. But even with Hades gone, the threat of black Swan remains. We got a glimpse of the future, though it’s unclear whether Victor is aware this is going to happen, or they were merely showing the audience what’s in store for him in the future. A glimpse of Victor holding knife ready lớn seemingly in the position where he may be forced to lớn kill the Heroine (possibly possessed by the black Queen) with tears running down his face was quite a bombshell to lớn drop right at the end. Indeed, this is only just the beginning. Hade’s plot was merely the prelude of what’s to lớn come.

And of course we must talk about the Heroine’s role và the “reveal” of her ‘evil counterpart’, the black Queen. Up until now, “Black Queen” has only really been teased in the Opening Theme. I had always been waiting around lớn see that side of her show up, & amazingly we only gotten a glimpse. So it understandably, it’s a shame that we were only teased about the đen Queen, especially since I would have loved khổng lồ learn more about her. The only thing we vì chưng know about her is that she seems lớn exists as a separate entity from the Heroine. We heard of how she was the one who “guided” Hades through this plan by granting him the powers of darkness. It is a stark contrast lớn the Heroine herself, who possesses the nguồn of light, thus the white Queen. We also learned that the awakening of the Heroine’s powers were not just limited khổng lồ igniting Human Evolution, but lớn serve as a living sacrifice for the black Queen. (Which may explain why it’s as though she has never existed in the futures Victor had visited.) What is interesting though, was after her fight with Hades, the Heroine hasn’t been able to lớn use any of her powers to lớn see the future. She believes she used all her resources, but it could be now that it has fully awakened, it has taken a different size (ie: as light).

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Admittedly, the way this battle unfolded was rather cheesy, almost a bit too cheesy for my taste but man was it great khổng lồ actually see the Heroine actually fight one on one against Hades. It was a lot of fun khổng lồ see everyone fight their own battles since it was absolutely action-packed! I also really liked the Heroine’s “answer” to lớn Human Evolution: “True evolution spreads through the strengh of one’s bonds with others”.

Final Thoughts


oi khổng lồ Producer EVOL x LOVE was a fantastic otome adaption! A headstrong heroine overflowing with personality, matched with wonderful bachelors. What this series successfully managed to bởi what make me invested và care about each & every one of these characters as individuals. Really, you can’t go wrong, there’s bound to lớn be at least one guy you will like. Amazingly even now I can’t tell you which ship I am on. There is no OTP for me, but it goes without saying Lucien and Kiro are both my top contenders as not only vì chưng I love the chemistry between them & the Heroine, but I am a sucker for these types of romances. It’s not that Victor or Gavin are bad, both are nice và great guys, and they are definitely a lot less complicated & have adorable chemistry with the Heroine, but I am definitely way more invested in the other two! It’s just a matter of what your taste is.

I suppose the most surprising & yet refreshing part about this adaption was how most of these guys never actually interacted with each other. There were two exceptions where Lucien had spoken with Victor và glared at Gavin, but apart from that, nobody else actually encountered each other. So it actually allows them khổng lồ maximize their time and build their bond with the Heroine. However this episode did allude there is a high probability that Lucien as Ares, knows Kiro as Helios considering they are/were both members of đen Swan.

I don’t know if this series will ever get a second season lớn continue the story, but I would certainly be interested! MAPPA has done an amazing job with the animation for this show (as they always do), và the writer did a wonderful job with the pace và delivery of the plot. I am not complaining that there was an mở cửa Ending, because in many respects they never really had the chance lớn properly work on the lãng mạn developments. And that’s fine because there were more important things going on, such as the main plot-line regarding the awakening of the Heroine’s powers.

Overall I give Koi to lớn Producer a solid 8/10 for having a great set of characters, excellent pace of the story and an great job with the animation that was for most part clean from start khổng lồ finish. The fight scenes in particular were pleasure to watch, and I thought they did the obvious “CG” moments really well. It has been an absolute pleasure covering this series, and I am so happy to địa chỉ cửa hàng another otome adaption to the menu of recommendations I would suggest lớn others. Sure, there wasn’t any significant lãng mạn developments but that doesn’t bother me at all. The characters’ chemistry with the heroine was a pleasure to lớn watch. Even if you don’t ship them romantically, I think most of us can still agree they all still have a wonderful relationships & appreciate each và every one of them as individuals!

Final Score: 8/10

Recommendation: As long as you are fine with an open-ending that leaves you with more questions than answers, Koi lớn Producer is an fun show show khổng lồ watch. While there is no real thắm thiết development, the focus & excellent pace of the story và charming characters are something we can all enjoy.

Bonus Note: Not often vị I have the chance khổng lồ actually pick up và play an otome trò chơi after I had watched its adaption, but luckily with this one I do. I haven’t played it yet since I wanted to watch this episode first và life is crazy at the moment, but I have already downloaded the app, so I am excited to get started when I can!