Are you bitten by the ombre lip bug? I wasn’t.

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For some reason, it’s one of the makeup trends that passed me by. I did notice however, that there are two sorts of ombre lips – the Western ombre lip trend, & the Korean ombre lip trend.

The Western ombre lip trend has a deeper colour on the outer lip, & a lighter shade on the inner lip. This, I find, makes lips look larger and more pouty.

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The Korean ombre lip trend is reversed, with a deeper colour on the inner lip và a very light shade on the outer lip. I think it’s supposed to give off an innocent vibe, like that of someone who’s just sucked on a cherry lollipop. Neither is really my style LOL!


But I know the Korean lip style is quite popular. There are any number of makeup tutorials out there teaching you how to create this look. But if you’re anything lượt thích me (read: not great at following instructions